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The unpublished essay is titled “Masterful Inaction,” the term Parran used in 1931 – more than a year before the start of the Tuskegee experiment – to describe a syphilis study in Oslo, Norway, that the authors say inspired him.

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This essay discusses the medical experiments which were conducted by the United States Public Health Service between 1932 and 1972 in Tuskegee Alabama. 399 African -American adult male subjects were examined and diagnosed as having late stage syphilis. The main goal of the study was to periodically examine these men to determine how their bodies were affected by the syphilis disease. The thesis of this essay is that based on moral and ethical grounds, the Tuskegee experiments were indefensible.

Sir William Osler in his biographical essay from his 1909 work  wrote of Syphilus :

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