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is an American musician, actor, writer, television and radio host, and The Iron by Henry Rollins ..

This is an article written by Henry Rollins for Details Magazine, but was reprinted by OldTime Strongman website. This is a great read, if haven't a chance to read it, I highly recommend it. I find it very motivating for my lifting goals.

Henry Rollins is an icon among those that connect with a barbell. In Details (a magazine), he wrote an essay called Iron and the Soul. The essay is one of the most honest and reflective pieces ever written on the value of strength training for a human being that's otherwise spiraling out of control. Iron and the Soul is posted in full below, but here's something related that Rollins said during interview with Pete Holmes.

"Henry Rollins' essay, "The Iron," was something I read as an ode to lifting weights. That is the interpretation of a very young man. As I've grown older, his essay is better understood as the value mentorship - or the death of it.

including workout tips and essay Iron and the Soul by Henry Rollins ..

Henry Lawrence Garfield known as a Henry rollins is a person I would like to give you a closer look on. Probably and unfortunately this name is not familiar for you , but In world od art he is a valuable and famous person. So to begin with I will tell you some information about who he realy is. Henry Rollins is an American spoken word artist,writer,journalist,comedian,Publisher,actor,activist and musician. So as you can see he is a very busy person with a great potencial and also sense of humor. Let´s talk about his participating in music history. Henry was a lead singer of couple succesful bands such as my favourite one, Black flag and than the Rollins Band which are both great hardcore punk bands. If i had to describe this music i would tell i can feel the pure energy ,the fresh sweat from people jumping like mad and punching the air above them with their fists, so that is what i feel a bit of agresivity too of course and in some songs a bit of depression.I think it is a great experience for everyone who likes this genre of music. About his personal life i can tell you i know he had a hard childhood because his parents divorced when he was only 2 years old. He is single because he is picking up girlfriend very carefuly despite he is a good looking muscular and smart person he couldn´t stand a woman which doesn´t seem to be inteligent and so maybe this is a reason why he is almost 50 years old and still single, so maybe one day he is going to find his dreamed soulmate. To sumu p for me Henry Rollins is a great life Icon and I will continue in listening to his music and reading his books whick I absolutely recomend for everyone, One day I hope I´ll get lucky and maybe i could talk to him and get his autogram.

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Henry Rollins — legendary Black Flag frontman, spoken word artist, writer, activist and so much more — is in town for tonight's Wits™ alongside musical guest Lissie.

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