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I read the Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. I just want to say that it brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me of the things which have experienced in life and I could just feel the sincerity of heart from which all of this was writen. I cried, life is not easy. Mr. King I just want to say thank you for sharing all you’ve shared with us the public and I hope and pray I will one day become a good writer to inspire others. Many blessings

This is great info. But, I am no writer, although, I have a story, a real life story, that I feel would be a great book for Stephen King to write. This timeline occurred in 1979-1980, over a span of about 9-months, with real life, eerie and unexplainable events, that, unless you lived it, is hard to believe. I feel my story would make a great book/movie, and would be right up Stephen Kings expertise. I wold love to meet and pitch my story to him sometime.

Stephen King inspires me; rather often I read and re-read his stories, and his essays on the writing craft. In this blog post, I collected 10 of King’s quotes that often give me a boost when I am stuck with my own writing. Enjoy!

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Finally, at the end, the book includes two original short stories not found in any other books. One was wonderfully King, the other not so much. So, if you are a Stephen King fan and *need* to have every single thing he has ever written, then I guess you will want to try and get a hold of this. But if you are just a casual reader, or a budding author hoping for insight (stick with "On Writing"), then I wouldn't bother.

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As most of you probably know by now, Richard Chizmar hasn’t had a lot of time to write his essay for The Talisman (although he promises it is on the way!) because he’s been busy writing and then promoting his new novella, which he co-wrote with Stephen King!

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This book is more for writers, in some ways, than On Writing is. While that book is mostly memoir and sometimes a writing primer, this one is about the more minute parts of the business. Did you know that King got an agent to hawk his novels and short stories? I didn't, because agents don't sell short stories anymore--well, unless you're a Stephen King level writer, that is. Then they'll be more than happy to sell your underwear or shopping list, just to keep you happy--and their client. But for you and me, they won't sell our short stories today. We'd have to do that for ourselves. (I know, because I do.)

There are a few original items, a couple of short stories ("The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet" is much stronger than "In the Deathroom"), and a couple of essays. If you are a Stephen King fan, the book is worth reading for a bit of an insight into King's life and his process. It is particularly interesting to read about Joe and Owen in light of what they have done since this book was published. It's fun to read a couple of stories from a very young Stephen writing for his brother's neighborhood paper. That being said, if you are looking for something the caliber of On Writing, I'll tell you right now that it isn't here. The closest thing might be the Introduction by Peter Straub, which attempts to analyze King's ability to connect with readers.

Secret Windows: Essays and Fiction on the Craft of Writing is a collection of short stories, essays, speeches, and book excerpts by Stephen King, published in 2000.

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What I found interesting is King's comments on the writing business. He gives details that most people over look like the financial aspect, the paperback vs. hardback dynamic. His essays also show how smart he is. I mean, obviously he's brilliant otherwise he would not write so well, but I think people often see him as a sort of sensationalist. Too often, people reduce his work to his gimmicks, his cleverness with plot twists and red herrings. He even talks about being profiled as a "horror writer." I mean, maybe this is one of those things where his works are going to be analyzed seriously post-humously in a Shelley-esque sort of way, but it is also too easy to forget that our preconceived image of a horror writer is not Stephen King's real personality. He shows a sort of thorough discernment when he dissects other writers and some of his own work, making thoughtful comments that make me think I should write a thesis on these works. Maybe it's the English teacher in him, I think all writers have a little bit of that, but you just know that this is the guy you want in your book club. He's the guy that spurs ideas and responses.

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The book begins like an autobiography on Stephen King, the writer. It starts off from his childhood and goes all the way to that first big success and then on to superstardom. It’s filled with lots of little humorous tales about the outrageous things he got up to. After all, it is a memoir.(Full name Stephen Essay On Stephen King Edwin King; has also written under the pseudonyms Richard Essay On Stephen King Bachman and John Swithen) American novelist, short story writer, scriptwriter, Stephen King was born on September 21st, 1947 in Portland, Maine. This making him a 67 year old man who has written over fifty novels in his lifetime, with many more to come. Not only has this man succeeded in his writing career but has also faced many personal and inevitable obstacles along the way. Starting off his writing while working side jobs here and there to pay the bills, Stephen King soon became a horror novel phenomenon. His first novel being Carrie, he was soon selling over 350 million copies of his work all around the world. [Ste14] However, there is much more to the creditably acclaimed horror-fiction author we all know and love. This is what makes him more of an inspiration for what he faced and how his motivation to keep writing continued on.
Stephen King was not always the wealthy man we all know today. He grew up in Portland, Maryland living a poor life style with his mother. He always stayed close to home even through college. His mother succeeded to raise him and his older brother, David, when King’s father had walked out on them when he was nearly two. With the loss of his father in the picture, King was very insecure and depressed; having reoccurring nightmares of the most brutal scenarios. King had much trouble dealing with these demons until he discovered writing. He felt as though the only way to deal with these monsters was to write about them. Hence, the reasoning behind his dark works. [Dav09]
Although writing soothed his thoughts, going into college, he developed a dangerous drug habit; ranging from marijuana to LSD. Aside from drugs he began escaping reality by drinking as well. He managed to graduate at the University of Maine where he met his wife, Tabitha Spruce. With two children within a year, Naomi and Joe, King was struggling to support his family because of his high-school teacher salary until the publication of his first book, Carrie. His depression only seemed to worsen and he would strive fo...