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This essay highlights (a) one perspective for understanding that construction; (b) philosophical difficulties that the legal system had in reifying slavery; and (c) concludes by offering a pragmatic view of legal criticism — via a critique of the Nuremberg trials that followed the Second World War — that makes it easier for critics to engage morally with legal reasoning that leads to social injustice.

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Korey Thompson U. S History 3rd 04/19/13 Primary Source Document Essay NUREMBERG TRIALS My primary source document is the United States of America opening introduction during the Nuremberg Trials. Their introduction is stated in the first paragraph of the document. In April 1945, two weeks after President Roosevelt's death, Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson was chosen to be the chief prosecutor for the United States at Nuremberg war-crimes trial, that was held in Europe soon after the World War II had ended.

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This website was fairly helpful. I didn’t use it as a primary source but rather as a source to check information. It was helpful in the part of my essay about Goering. It gave me a good oversight of what that paragraph would be about and then I got the more complex details in the Nuremberg Interviews book. I accessed it through advanced search on google.Linder, Doug. “The Subsequent Nuremberg Trials: An Overview.” World famous trials. 2000. Nuremberg trials. 15 March 2011.

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Hermann Goering, Albert Spear, Wilhelm Keitel and Hans Frank are just a few of the Nazi defendants in the trial. They defended themselves even though there was a lot of proof proving that they were guilty. In this essay we are going to see all the defenses used by these four Nazi defendants. Hermann Goering was the reichmarschell and air force chief, he was the president of Reichstag, and director of the “four year plan” In the Nuremberg Trial he believed strongly that he was not guilty and did not regret what he did, but this was not what everyone else seemed to think.

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