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Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen wanted to create a new Hollywood studio that would allow them to do things the way they wanted. Since Saving Private Ryan, the studio has gone through some significant changes in terms of its partnerships and distribution. Yet, it is still incredibly successful. Saving Private Ryan was the first film by DreamWorks to get nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

Saving Private Ryan is one of the greatest war films ever made. Not only was it incredibly realistic, but it featured an incredible cast that brought the true grit of the Allied soldiers to the big screen. Check out the following secrets to learn about all the things that went into the making a work of this magnitude.

The script for Saving Private Ryan had several drafts. In one of these drafts, the squad detains the German soldier they nicknamed Steamboat Willie and bring him along with them. They decide camp out overnight in their foxholes. Later that night, a German Panzer division ends up camping right next to their location. A German soldier ends up coming close in order to ask for cigarettes. The squad pushes Willie out to interact with him so as not to blow their cover and end up making a trade with the soldier for food.

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Everything points to the third act, when Private Ryan is found, and the soldiers decide what to do next. Spielberg and his screenwriter, , have done a subtle and rather beautiful thing: They have made a philosophical film about war almost entirely in terms of action. "Saving Private Ryan" says things about war that are as complex and difficult as any essayist could possibly express, and does it with broad, strong images, with violence, with profanity, with action, with camaraderie. It is possible to express even the most thoughtful ideas in the simplest words and actions, and that's what Spielberg does. The film is doubly effective, because he communicates his ideas in feelings, not words. I was reminded of "All Quiet on the Western Front." Steven Spielberg is as technically proficient as any filmmaker alive, and because of his great success, he has access to every resource he requires. Both of those facts are important to the impact of "Saving Private Ryan." He knows how to convey his feelings about men in combat, and he has the tools, the money and the collaborators to make it possible.

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"Saving Private Ryan" is a powerful experience. I'm sure a lot of people will weep during it. Spielberg knows how to make audiences weep better than any director since Chaplin in "." But weeping is an incomplete response, letting the audience off the hook. This film embodies ideas. After the immediate experience begins to fade, the implications remain and grow.

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The element of sound and audio are very rich areas in the move Saving Private Ryan. The sounds of war are rendered loudly and as realistically as possible. The audio is altered so that when soldiers talk during battle, you can barely hear then screaming. This accentuates the extremities soldiers faced during the war, and how powerful weapons were on both sides. The sounds played during the movie gives an even more realistic portrayal of war. The abundance of disorderly sounds creates the impression of chaos and the senseless combat that occurred between powers during World War II.

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The casting of the movie is clever because of the fact that many of the actors playing significant roles aren’t very well known, creating an even closer bond with the audience, that the soldiers were normal people. There was no true stand out hero in the movie, making it relatable to the audience as well as even more mentally devastating. The only role played by a well-known actor is played by Tom Hanks, the lead character. Casting the role of Tom Hanks as U.S. Army Captain John H. Miller was a stroke of pure intelligence. “At first he seems unlikely to lead a pack of soldiers in a war movie. He’s too much the nice guy. His voice is a gentle tenor instead of a cussing bass. And yet, that seems to be exactly the point that Spielberg was making in Saving Private Ryan: that World War II was fought by normal, everyday men.” (Mapes) Because the casting for this movie was the essence of perfection, the loss of the lives of soldiers in the film is even more excruciating. As each character contributes their lives to save Private Ryan, the viewer becomes overcome with emotions because of the sudden loss of such astounding characters. The loss of main characters drives home the point that war isn’t fair, and war offers mercy to no one.

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The purpose of the opening scene is not only to engage the viewer and to encourage further viewing but also to introduce a variety of concepts which pertain to the film as a whole. The opening scene of Saving Private Ryan, directed by Steven Spielberg, not only introduces the characters but also establishes that the film is . These concepts are portrayed through a variety of film techniques.