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Assignment: select a topic about which you feel strongly about and argue in favor of that point of view.
Subject: argumentive essay on why minimum wage should be raised because today’s young society cannot live/survive or become independent on that income.
In the essay, you must state your argument in the introduction,name the aspects of that argument which you will be discussing, and use the body of the paper to adequately and

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Opposition to an increase in the minimum wage is centered on two arguments. First, it is claimed that a legislated increase will reduce employment opportunities for lower skill workers and new labor force entrants. This is based primarily on the MPL theory explained previously. However, recent studies including the Pennsylvania and New Jersey study suggests that when the real value of existing minimum has deteriorated over a long period, the actual effects on employment or hours worked are less clear than the theory predicts. A second argument is that raising the minimum wage is an ineffective way to raise the incomes of workers at the lower end of the wage scale because it is poorly targeted, because many affected workers are either teenagers from non-poor families or secondary workers. Although more than three-fourths of the workers who are affected by the minimum wage are adults, and a majority of those living in either poor families or families in which the primary earner has low wages, a modest minimum wage increase would not put them above the poverty line. This leaves many that oppose minimum wage increases to instead support the earned income tax credit. Unfortunately, the current majority of Republicans in the House and Senate oppose both minimum wage increases and the EITC.

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Another point that those who often oppose minimum wage suggest is that an increase in the minimum wage causes wage spillovers. In other words, when a company increases the minimum wage it pays, it was also institute a higher wage throughout the entire hierarchy of workers to make their pay more equitable. The idea is that long time workers will be dissatisfied if new hires are making significantly more than they made when they were hired. The argument does seem to carry a lot of merit. Jeffrey Stoller of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association said " it is not just what happens to minimum wage earners; it is the ripple effect. People earning above the minimum expect more once the wage goes up because they are upset if someone just starting earns as much as they do" ( Krueger, 1995, 160). Again, we must look at the evidence. A study was conducted in 1991 to see if minimum wage increases were more likely to grant raises to workers who were already earning $4.50 per hour. Among restaurants with the lowest initial starting wage " only 9 percent granted wage increases to workers earning $4.50 per hour when the minimum rose to $4.25" (Krueger, 1995, 162). Although there is some evidence that wage spillover does occur, it seems to be mainly concentrated at firms where the starting wage is already initially higher then the minimum wage.

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The minimum wage is a hot-button issue for politicians and economists. Every time an amendment comes before the U.S. Congress to raise the minimum wage, advocates and critics pull out some convincing arguments to win over public opinion.

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If we imagine the total output of the economy as a pie, then the minimum wage can accomplish two things. First it can alter the overall size of the pie. Second, it can change the size of the slice that different groups receive, including low wage workers, high wage workers, and business owners. Conservative economists generally argue that the minimum wage helps no one. Their argument is that minimum wage substantially shrinks the size of the overall pie and reduces the size of the slice that low-income people receive. Many liberal economists worry that even though the minimum wage might give a slightly larger slice of the pie to some low wage workers, other equally deserving workers are shut out of the labor market by the new minimum. In 1987, Economist Lester Thurow wrote, " minimum wages have two impacts. They raise earnings for those who are employed, but may cause other people to lose their job" (Norlund, 1997, 89) On the other side of the debate, social activists, policy makers, and non-economists often argue for an increase in the minimum wage. Advocates of the minimum wage have included Roosevelt, ML King, and Bill Clinton, just to name a few. Many non-economists are skeptical of economic theory and downplay the predicted employment losses associated with a higher minimum wage, while emphasizing the potential pay increases for low wage workers. Most significantly, the general public does not widely share the negative opinion of minimum wage that most economists hold. A 1987 for that 75% of the American population favored an increase. Many of those who economists argue are most hurt by the increase, and those who most actively support an increase. Most Americans simply do not associate minimum wage increases with increased unemployment.

Argumentative Essay on Minimum Wage In the Virgin Islands, Minimum wages laws determine the lowest price possible that any employer must and should pay for labor.

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